Kate and Lou Casting – London casting directors




When Kate Evans and Lou Smernicki are not to be found bringing their unique energy and style to some of the biggest commercial campaigns of the last ten years, they busy themselves dreaming up new ways to make each other laugh, pulling short straws for the next trip to Ikea and wondering why cats are so damn popular on the internet.

With oodles of casting under their belts, Kate & Lou Casting is built around one basic principle… people.

They start by looking after the thousands of real people they meet for characters (bearded fishermen to hip hop grannies to bike riding singing toddlers, as well as some of the best actors and performers in the land) and carry that through to delivering the best possible results for some of the biggest and best directors, photographers and brands in the world. But don’t believe everything you read, check out some of their work here.

And if you can answer their question about the cats, please give them a call.

Kate & Lou Casting are founding members of the Casting Directors Association (CDA)

And now 2 time CDA Awards 2017 Winners!!